About Minos

Minos Systems UK is an organisation focused on solutions. Our solutions are dedicated to providing answers to real issues: carbon reduction, lowering local authority energy bills and bringing new technology to everyone in the UK. We offer exciting, country-wide services using the existing streetlight infrastructure.

Our portfolio of products are borne out of a partnership between UMPI, a leading Italian communications organisation and Minos UK – a team of electrical engineering experts who also understand the commercial benefits our products provide. Together, Umpi and Minos Systems UK provide a complete design, development, manufacture and support package.

Our solutions excite our clients at every level. The decision makers are attracted to the huge savings in energy and the substantial environmental benefits. Engineers are drawn to the exciting technology and its flexibility in working with old and new streetlight ballasts. Financial minds are interested by potential revenue streams and lower energy bills.

One thing is certain. Minos Systems UK can bring about a whole world of change, building on existing investment.