Streetlight solutions

In what we believe to be a unique, complete offering, Minos Systems UK can provide exactly the type of streetlighting solution required to work with the type of streetlights you have.

We are working with state-of-the-art Italian technology that has been tried and tested across the world. Our strong alliance with the company that has designed the system and who continues to develop, maintain and support this technology provides significant peace of mind to our clients.

Our technology is innovative and exciting. We also understand how to balance this level of performance with your budget, maximising your existing streetlight stock, so we can work with you to supply the technical expertise required to achieve your goals:

reduced carbon emissions

• lower energy bills

• reduced light pollution

Through our experience with The Highways Agency and local authorities within the UK, we are well placed to create a solution that works for you. We know how your organisation operates from a technical and practical perspective and will maximise your budget and achieve your aims. We offer streetlighting control via powerline communications, WI-FI/radio or on a standalone basis, streetlight by streetlight, depending on what type of ballasts you have.