EV battery charging

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The production of battery operated vehicles is set to increase as a result of spiraling fuel prices and a variety of government incentives to encourage consumers to opt for a greener method of travel. This is the future and, as you’d expect, Minos is already looking ahead to provide solutions within this marketplace. Minos can incorporate robust, reliable and future-proof charging systems using the existing streetlight infrastructure. Its solutions utilise unused spare capacity during the day from the lighting circuits but can also provide charging out of daylight hours via inverters and battery backup – avoiding an increased load on the lighting network.

EV Battery charging will become an issue for local authorities as demand increases. A simple solution is to provide charging points via existing streetlight technology. Minos Systems UK can adapt existing streetlight stock with a simple, secure charging box that can be accessed via a swipe or debit card system. Access is quick and easy, allowing consumers to recharge their vehicles from the national grid infrastructure. An additional benefit to the local authority is the ability to charge for this service providing a revenue stream as well as a valuable public service.

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