Streetlight solutions
•    Lower carbon emissions
•    Lower energy bills
•    Reduced light pollution
•    Meets many government targets
•    Community friendly
•    Flexible and adaptable

Vehicle battery charging
•    Meets a vital consumer requirement
•    Maximises existing investment in streetlights
•    Many streetlights = many potential sites for charging points
•    Convenient and easy for local authorities
•    Convenient and easy for consumers
•    Potential revenue stream for local authorities
•    Supports government’s environmental and green targets

Broadband access
•    Provides Broadband access to the more remote parts of the UK
•    Supports government initiative to get Broadband to all
•    Convenient and easy
•    Reasonable speeds of up to 80 MB
•    Tried and tested Italian technology

•    Powered by streetlight energy
•    Works day and night even when streetlights are switched off
•    Increases security in selected areas
•    Many streetlights = many potential sites for cameras