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Common Frequently asked questions
Common Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Minos System?
A: Minos System is the most advanced system of remote control and management of the outdoor lighting systems. Thanks to the transmission of power line carrier from either one or more computers through an internet browser, it enables the control of all public lighting networks up to any single lighting point, without altering the existing system.

Q: What elements make up Minos ?
A: Minos System mainly consists of three elements: • Syra, device to remotely control the lighting point
• Central Andros to remotely control the power and distribution panel
• Ios, hardware supervisor on Linux system, including Minos X software

Q: Which functional advantages are offered when using Minos System ?
A: The utilization of Minos System allows:

• the localization of the type of breakdown of a single lighting point and a single cabinet, diagnosing its cause
• the remote command of the switching on/off of the lamp and the reduction of flux of each single lighting point
• the customization of lighting according to territorial and temporal criteria (day of the year, day of the week).

Q: Which are the qualitative benefits offered when using Minos System ?
A: The utilization of Minos System: • guarantees the presence of light at the right intensity where necessary
• reduces light pollution and the polluting waste of the lamps
• ensures the good operation of the systems and prevents complaints
• supplies precise information on the operating costs, measures the performance of the installed components, the intervention times and the efficiency of the maintenance worker
• supplies the availability of information in real time allowing timely intervention by the maintenance worker who is immediately informed of what happens
• guarantees management efficiency in terms of costs, intervention times and customized direction of lights, supplying the right image to the administration and the city.

Q: What are the economic benefits offered when using Minos System ?
A: The utilization of Minos System:

• optimizes the operation of the systems according to the various necessities, it avoids daily switching due to faults detection or defective photo cells
• avoids attempted unnecessary maintenance, it avoids the management of complaints and the unnecessary use of vehicles, and it supplies the correct material
• extends the life of public lighting systems, avoiding unnecessary switching on of the system, supplying the correct amount of energy and identifying the most reliable components.

Q: What are the management savings (maintenance+energy) with Minos System ?
A: With Minos System you can save between 30-60% on the total management of the system.

Q: How long does the investment in Minos System take to pay for ?
A: The continuous and programmed utilization of the system allows you to amortize the investment costs in 4 to 6 years, and release financial resources for future projects or services soon afterwards.

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