Faqs (Supervision System)

Q: What is Ios?
A: Ios is the supervision server based on Linux system which allows to share the events data base and the Minos X software by one or more computers linked to the net.

Q: Which are the main functions of Ios?
A: Ios communicates with central Andros through GSM, GPRS, RTG modem, dedicated line or TCP/IP protocol; it allows the assistance and the software update either on-line or via modem; it creates a centralized database including all data transmitted by central Andros; it allows the cryptographic access to users on LAN or Internet.

Q: How many electric panels does Ios remotely control?
A: Ios can remotely control up to 100 panels.

Q: What is Minos X?
A: Minos X is the software installed on the server Ios, which allows the complete remote management of all the components of the public lighting system through an Internet browser.

Q: Which are the main functions of Minos X?
A: Minos X displays all the events (faults and interventions) through the mapping of the systems; it programs the working cycles of the system (switching on/off) through the astronomic clock; it programs the switching on/off and the reduction of the single lamp flux; it creates automatic statistics for historical data; it sends sms to the user for emergency advices; it can import and export data in XML format.