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Everything “under control” with a simple “click” and an internet browser.
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Thanks to Minos X the control of public lighting has never been so easy . Cartographic visualization of the events and anomalies, on time switching on and off, remote control at each single lighting point, metering of all the electrical and meteorological parameters, automatic statistics, real time alarms signalization, creation of data sheets for each lamp and cabinet. Everything “under control” with a simple “click” and an internet browser.

Lighting point remote control

Detail of any single lighting point (lamp power, model, installed Syra, lighting fixture type, location), recording and visualization of the anomalies and lamp faults, customized programming of the switching on/off and flux reduction of each lamp or group of lamps in order to get the required Energy Saving. Minos X allows you to remote control and manage all the lighting points in an easy way wherever you can find, without wasting time.

Minos Energy

We need to know how much we are consuming if we want to know how much we can save. MinosEnergy, connecting to the wattmeter installed in the cabinets, can graphically visualize all the plant electrical parameters (voltage, active power, power factor, active and reactive energy, signal frequency, harmonic distortions) so that we know how much energy is really consumed and the real energy saving we can get, or if there are problems in the electrical line.

Minos Map

With MinosMap you can have a graphic visualization on the map of your territory, of all the information concerning the status of the plant, daily recorded by Minos System, browse on the city map, zooming as well, research lighting points or cabinets simply selecting them from the main Minos X menu, edit the map complete with all the information about the lighting points (model, power, installed Syra, location) and cabinets, insert, move and change the lighting points and cabinets in a defined area and also, adapt the image resolution to the screen dimensions.

Astronomical clock

How many times did it happen to see lighting points with lamps on along a street during a sunny day? This occurs because photocells are usually used in the traditional public lighting management to switch on and off the lights and these ones get easily dirty or can be faulty causing undesired switching on with subsequent waste of energy. The astronomical clock of Minos X gives a solution to this problem, in fact simply by setting latitude and longitude, jetlag, installation dusk dawn value, all the lamps switch on and off at the same time and on the right time for the entire year, granting an average energy saving of 8%.

Minos Meteo

MinosMeteo gives a complete and punctual meteorological service simply by connecting with the meteorological stations installed in the territory. We are able to know the current situation and make forecast through the remote metering of the following parameters: temperature, humidity, pressure, raining intensity, THSW, UVA rays intensity, detailed forecast foreseeing storms, hail, fog, ice.

Emergency Sms

Thanks to the Andros configuration, Minos X allows to send up to three emergency messages at the same time on three different mobile numbers, so that to give in real time and anytime information about the status of the public plant, and giving as well the possibility to set customized messages according to the different type of emergency.

Automatic statistics

MinosX gives automatic statistics with detailed report of the installed lighting points. It’s therefore possible to visualize in a numeric, percentage and 3D graphic format all the faults, divided for typology, to know how many lamps are on, off or in reduced power and also to know their functioning hours.