Syra IS

ON/OFF management/command module for lamp from 20 to 250W. Power Iine communication. Installed in the connection shaft.

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– Power line communication technology.

– Detection and signaling of the lamp working status:
  • Lamp on and properly working
  • Anomaly lamp with faulty, missing or insufficient capacitor
  • Low power lamp anomaly Interrupted lamp or faulty igniter anomaly
  • No connected lamp anomaly (load absence downstream the SYRA IS)
  • Flashing or exhausting lamp anomaly
  • Broken fuse or missing answer by SYRA IS
– Command of:
  • Lamp switching on/off
  • Igniter automatic switching off
– Chance to manage 1.022 SYRA over a unique line
– Collection and modification of the status and programming parameters directly from the cabinet
– Underground installation at the bottom of the pole in series on the power supplied line, downstream the fuse.
– Connection through FG7OR-NPI 2 x 2,5 cables, 30 cm length.
  • Power supply-230 V~ +/- 10%
  • Absorbed power in stand-by phase-0,5W
  • Max current provided-4 A
  • Outdoor user active power-20W min. – 250W max.
  • Surge protection by varistor and PTC-400 V
  • Working environment temperature– 25 ÷ + 65 °C, @ 90 % max U.R.
  • Limit temperature -+ 70° C
  • Box features-Resistant to shocks and chemical materials
  • Dimension-94 x 116 x 57 mm
  • Electrical insulation-Class II
  • Protection degree-IP67
  • Weight-1.000 g

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